Agreement Pathways

Please note that these channels and agreements apply only to graduates of the institutions and programs listed below. The agreement creates a leaner transition for Fulton Montgomery graduates to continue their training with a bachelor`s degree at Castleton University. CCV has special transfer channels and agreements with many colleges and universities. These agreements, sometimes called articulation agreements, help students continue their bachelor`s degree. Our paths and agreements offer a transparent and effective pathway to continuing education beyond the associated studies. Castleton has a two-and-a-half-year deal with SUNY Adirondack. This agreement offers SUNY Adirondack students a way to move from a SUNY degree in humanities and social sciences to Castleton`s social work program after obtaining an associate degree in the humanities and social sciences. The agreement also allows graduates to visit Castleton at the state study rate. Agreements or articulation pathways are agreements between Algonquin College and other post-secondary institutions that facilitate recognition of previous post-secondary education and transfer credits or admission to higher levels. As a result, it may take less time to complete other registration information or result in a reduced course load. This means you can enter the workforce earlier and perhaps save time and money. In addition to the agreements maintained by Algonquin, there are a number of paths throughout the province! Be sure to check the provincial database to learn more about other possibilities! Castleton University and Fulton-Montgomery Community College have entered into a cooperation agreement to create a licensing pathway.

Under the agreement, students who graduate from Fulton-Montgomery with a cumulative average of 3.0 or more grades are eligible for guaranteed admission to Castleton. Fulton-Montgomery students with a graduation degree are in their junior first year and receive their other credits for a bachelor`s degree in Castleton. Why choose between university and university? NBCC has several ways in which you can do a 2/2 study, which means that your two-year NBCC degree can be credited for up to two years with a four-year university degree, allowing for a smooth transition from university to university. Brock University regularly checks these pathways and arrangements, and there may be cases where they are subject to changes. To confirm the status of a route or agreement, it is recommended to contact Students can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the following BA programs: Laurier has agreements with the following Ontario colleges for students who have completed the programs indicated. We are still working to add new agreements with Ontario colleges. you will find up-to-date information on the route and articulation agreements for Laurier.

Our backgrounds and articulation agreements allow graduates to continue their studies in specific programs at the University of Guelph. Complete your applied training with a strong theoretical base and get a bachelor`s degree in just one year.